This website is very basic at the moment, but improvements will be made soon. Street interviews will start in January. Currently the best way to communicate is via the YouTube channel, European Homelands. Eventually I will try to get some natives of the different homelands to be bring their own identities to the project as they continue their fight for survival. Hopefully this effort will assist European people around the world as much as it can to create a better future for themselves and their descendants. The term “European” is mainly used over the term “White” and others, not as a statement against those terms, but because it best represents the dynamic beauty and creativity of it’s multiple species. In English, as in most languages, the etymology of words changes over time and often includes multiple meanings. The terms “Caucasoid” and “Mongoloid” have geographical origins. White originally referred to just a color, as did Negroid. This is not an effort to recreate the past, rather we are trying to take the rich heritage we still have from the past and build a brighter future for our descendants.

We are people of color. We have three species/races of the genus Sermo; Nordic, Celtic, and Western. These are websites for our homelands. The word sermo in Latin means word. Sermian species generally use words to communicate. The northern parts of Vinland and Eurasia are best suited for European peoples and the countries there should be populated exclusively by Europeans. At least 95% of the population in Nordic countries would ideally be fully blonde Nordic, at least 95% of the population in Celtic countries would ideally be fully ginger Celtic, and at least 95% of the population in Western countries would ideally be brunette Western. These are long term goals. Evolution is the struggle between different species.

Having blonde hair is an inherent part of being fully Nordic. Having ginger is an inherent part of being fully Celtic, and having brunette hair (medium to light brown), as opposed to having dark brown or black hair, is an inherent part of being fully Western. The best term for the hair color of non-Whites is dark as their hair ranges from dark brown to black. Hair color for any one individual often crosses these lines. These are not meant to be absolute rigid divides, but natural distinctions to better preserve these beautifully diverse genetics. These are not historical distinctions, but rather a new view of these identities.

There are six continents in the world; Vinland, Cabral, Eurasia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. A continent is a contiguous area of land at least 2 million square kilometers in area (1.243 million square miles) surrounded by ocean water. Our 25 homelands are in the northern parts of Vinland and Eurasia. Snjórland, commonly known as Greenland, is a tundra and should be treated like Antarctica, with different countries being able to have stations on it at different locations.

Man should be educated for war, and woman for the recreation of the warrior, all else is folly. – Friedrich Nietzsche

There are 25 European peoples, 20 European languages and 25 historically European countries that are most important. The Nordic, Celtic and Western species(races) live in these countries and should be the only Sermian inhabitants therein.

The countries are the following: Alaska, Canada, Newfoundland, Iceland, Ireland, Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherland, France, Deutschland, Switzerland, Czechia, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.
The political restructuring of these countries that should occur include the land under the jurisdiction of Alaska from Mt. St. Elias to Ketchikan joining Canada, the land southeast of Lac Saint-Pierre joining America, Northern Ireland joining Ireland, Belgium and Luxembourg joining Netherland, Monaco joining France, Corsica joining Italy, Liechtenstein joining Switzerland, Kaliningrad joining Poland, Ukraine and Romania each taking part of Moldova, and the land between Moldova and the Black Sea and Crimea rejoining a Ukraine that is not controlled by bankers.

There are 15 extant species of the genus Sermo; sermo Nordic, sermo Celtic, sermo Western, sermo Mixed, sermo Mediterranean, sermo Jewish, sermo Semite, sermo Negroid, sermo Mulatto, sermo Indian, sermo Srilankan, sermo Oriental, sermo Pacific, sermo Aborigine, and sermo Polynesian. While the names and history of these species are linked to geography their definition is entirely based on their intrinsic features and can exist anywhere in the world.

Beauty and creativity are the most noble ideals. Words are important, but without action they are powerless. Bravery is honorable and produces freedom. Innocence is shameful. Victory is necessary.

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