The quick and easy to understand different rules of official basketball, that separate the game from common basketball are the following:

1. There are 2 teams of 4 playing against each other.
2. 1 point is awarded per basket from anywhere on the court. There is no 3 point line.
3. If a foul is committed during a genuine attempt to shoot, or to impede a clear path to the basket, 1 point will be awarded to the fouled team, if a foul is committed outside of these occasions 1 foul shot will be taken by the player fouled. A made foul shot is worth 1 point. There are no foul limits for individuals or teams. An offensive foul will result in a change of possession.
4. There is no 3 second in the key rule. This rule in common basketball was created to impede the dominance of bigger players, and is a pathetic attempt by smaller inferior players to diminish the basketball ability of athletic big men.
5. A foul occurs when a player creates contact with an opposing player. The initiator of contact is considered the player who moves the most in the direction of the other player. A defensive player does not have to have his feet set in front of the path of an offensive player to establish position. This same standard is set for contact occurring when the players are elevated off the floor.
6. Flopping or acting will not be considered for foul calling purposes.