While European peoples are in a dire situation, and sports often serve as a dysgenic distraction, they can also be used to promote eugenics. Sports are an athletic art exercised by slaves. Sportsman reflect the beauty of the human body and the power of their slavemasters. We are not powerful enough at this time to hold our own sporting events, nor should we put effort into it now. But a record of past performances by European slaves can be preserved for future use.

Individual Sportsman Contest Basketball Chess

European Record Holders in Track & Field

100m     9.92s     Christophe Lemaitre      Western
200m     19.80s     Christophe Lemaitre Western
400m     44.33s    Thomas Schonlebe      Western
800m     1:42.55s     Andre Bucher      Nordic
1500m     3:29.67s     Steve Cram      Western
5000m     12.58.90s    Galen Rupp      Western
10000m     26:44.36s     Galen Rupp     Western
Half Marathon 59:43s     Ryan Hall     Western
Marathon 2:06.07s     Galen Rupp     Western
110m hurdles 13.13s     Igor Kovac      Western
400m hurdles 46.92s    Karsten Warholm     Western
Long Jump     8.51m     Greg Rutherford     Celtic
High Jump     2.42m     Patrik Sjoberg     Nordic
Triple Jump     17.83m     Christian Olsson     Western
Pole Vault     6.06m     Steve Hooker     Celtic         Sam Kendricks     Western
Shot Put     22.91m     Ryan Crouser     Western
Discus     73.38m     Gerd Kanter     Western
Hammer Throw     86.74m     Yuriy Sedykh     Western
Javelin     93.90m     Thomas Rholer     Western
Decathlon     9126     Kevin Mayer     Western